Our Mission: "To educate people  on better animal communication,
so that they can improve their life and that of their animal's."

What does Zen Zoomies mean?
Zen (noun): 1) An approach to an activity, skill, or subject emphasizing the value of simplicity and intuition 2) a calm attitude.
Zoomies (noun): the act of running full speed, usually in a circular motion

Zen Zoomies (noun): a combination of the happy, excited energy that our pets can have while retaining the calm, stress-free attitude we need for learning. By combining both, our goal is to have a more well-rounded, balanced pet.

What is our training like?

Here at Zen Zoomies, we try to use the latest in scientific research to improve our training techniques. 

Through these modern techniques, we hope to better the welfare of your furry best friends and bring peace to your lives. 

To learn more about Zen Zoomies' training, see our reviews and testimonials on our Facebook page, or check out our "About" and "Services" page.

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